Crossfit helped me with my pregnancy

Last updated 12:00 27/05/2014
READY TO GO: Baby Charlotte all rugged up and ready to go with Mum to crossfit.

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I have a seven-month-old baby girl, and during my pregnancy I would go to Crossfit at least three times a week.

I struggled through my pregnancy with morning sickness, sciatica pain (due to where baby was sitting) and overall general fatigue. My instructor, who was living in Australia at the time, helped me get through my pregnancy.

She assisted with changing up the exercises, made them all very achievable and helped me manage the daily grind to assist with the changes of pregnancy.

I had been going to Crossfit for about 10months previous the pregnancy and felt like I needed to continue to go to help me during the pregnancy.

There was at no time any pressure to keep going; they let me go at my own pace and were always very courteous when I was having a bad day.

Crossfit helped me with the birth of my little girl.

They taught me how to squat properly, how to push myself and work through pain.

I know if I had not been to Crossfit, my labour would have been a lot longer and I would have been in a lot more pain, maybe in the need of drugs during the labour.

But I was able to birth naturally, which started the journey with my daughter just the way I planned.

Crossfit then helped me recover.

I went back only three weeks after having my little girl, and once again they helped me with the recovery, squatting, working on my abs, my pelvic floors and giving me some time out when it all felt like to much. When my husband couldn't take my little girl, the Crossfit community would look after her so that I could work out.

They never once made me feel like a bad mum, they were just there.

It kept me sane, especially when life had been turned upside down; nothing can prepare you for being a first time mum.

This might sound a little over the top, but I don't think so.

I have never been the fittest at Crossfit, or the best or fastest, but it isn't about that.

At the right box, it is about technique, form and being there. Not being on the couch.

Crossfit changed my life and for the better.

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