Crossfit are my new family

Last updated 05:00 28/05/2014
CROSSFIT RESULTS: Crossfit helped me lose weight, yes, but it has also given me a whole lot more.

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Crossfit has transformed our whole family Crossfit are my new family Crossfit helped me with my pregnancy Fitter at 40 than at 20 Kipping pull-ups? Yeaah I thought I was fit. Then I tried Crossfit CrossFit turned my life around Crossfit isn't the problem Crossfit lets us train like Olympians Crossfit has changed my life

I joined up to Crossfit in January 2013 after a few years of listening to friends that had been involved with it and seemed "obsessed" with it.

I was very nervous and sceptical but wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness.

I joined a box in Palmerston North and was welcomed by awesome trainers who gave me a free intro session, then explained I would need to complete a compulsory "on-ramp" course to learn the skills required to join group classes. I was hooked after the on-ramp classes and signed up immediately.

Yes, there can be injuries with Crossfit, but I firmly believe that falls back on yourself and how you work out.

Our trainers are so stringent on safety first, and on warming up before any skills training or any WOD's. We are shown how to do things, and if it looks like we haven't got our form right on lifts and other techniques, our trainers will spend the extra time on us to help get these right.

I have been training for a year, even through a pregnancy and I have not been injured once, especially not when I have really careful trainers who look out for us.

Also, I leave my ego at the door and do not jeopardise my own safety for the sake of being the best.

Crossfit helped me lose weight, yes, but it also gave me a new family, as the sportsmanship and team feel in our box is amazing!

Any sport or physical fitness program can injure you, even the less intense ones. I have injured myself more playing indoor netball!

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