Dog safety: People are the problem

Last updated 10:30 18/06/2013
german shepherd
DON'T JUDGE ME: Not all scary looking dogs are dangerous.

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Every time there is a report of a dog attack my heart sinks. 

Anyone can get a dog and unfortunately many think it's their right rather than a privilege to own such a wonderful animal. 

We should be paying more attention to who owns the animal, that it is raised and trained appropriately. In cases of attacks, judge the dog and owner on an individual basis and not tar the breed with the same brush.

One thing that really intrigues me is it's not okay to be racist against humans but somehow when it comes to dogs it's okay? Or is it? Why should the entire breed suffer judgement for being born a certain breed of dog? We don't allow that in human terms so shouldn't allow it for dogs either.

Dogs, like humans, pick up some traits and characteristics from genetics and others from environment and training.

When I was pregnant I owned three german shepherds and people said the nastiest things about how they would kill my baby. I trained my dogs from the start, they had their own mats, I could take food off them without incident etc - it wasn't hard.

They day I came home from the hospital I let them sniff my baby as I was taking him inside. They all took one sniff each and all trotted happily off. From that moment, Jadis, my eldest, was his guardian. 

He would lie by the door while he was sleeping and alert me if he was crying. The other two loved him and were extremely gentle with him. Nearly 10 years later we have not had a single incident with my son and the dogs. Training - it's not hard.

Dogs are very dependable, loving creatures and given the right love, training and environment they are brilliant additions to your home.

Please stop the breed selection. Judge the act and dog not the breed. We should review our dog ownership laws not the allowed breeds. From where I am sitting it’s people that are the problem and not the dogs.

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