Drug use: 'I smoke before the gym'

Last updated 05:00 26/11/2013

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Drugs can be bad sometimes

Drug use: Reports are 'one-sided' Drug use: 'I smoke before the gym'

Our readers share their views on drug use and drug laws in New Zealand.

I first tried marijuana when I was 18 at a friend's party. It didn't really interest me, and I preferred to drink alcohol instead.

I, along with the rest of my friends, binged on alcohol at parties and would get into all sorts of extremely unsafe situations that my parents would never learn of.

A couple of years later, I tried marijuana again. I was with my best friend; she and I had a great time. We talked for hours about all sorts of things, ate some potato chips, and fell asleep.

Seven years later, I am what I consider an occasional smoker. I work hard all day long, I work out at the gym, then enjoy cooking myself a homemade meal with fresh ingredients and no processed food full of ingredients that I cannot pronounce.

Once all the chores are done, I like smoking some marijuana and chilling out.

This is not an everyday occurrence; I smoke occasionally.

Marijuana is not the be-all and end-all of my life.

I take regular week-long breaks, because I can. If I don't smoke for a while, I don't get the shakes. I don't get paranoid. I don't get violent. I am just normal.

Sometimes I smoke before I go to the gym, as it helps me relax and concentrate. This may seem extremely counterproductive to you, but for me, it works.

I have mild asthma (always have) and find that when I smoke before running, I don't have to take my inhaler as much as I do if I do not smoke.  I still don't understand why this is.

I have a great career and smoking marijuana has never, ever hindered or affected this. I am never late to work. I am reliable. I work more than my paid 40 hours a week. I continue to climb the corporate ladder and am having a lot of fun doing so.

I come from a good family, and like to consider myself a model citizen.

I would never tell kids that drugs are okay. Once they are big enough and ugly enough to make their own informed decisions, I would happily share my experiences.

It's a shame that people abuse marijuana and give it a bad name. It's also a shame that people take an array of drugs, make mistakes, and then marijuana is the one that gets the blame.

Alcohol is constantly destroying people inside and out, yet it is socially "normal" to get trashed, make a fool of yourself, vomit, and wake up feeling like death.

Why am I judged for smoking in the comfort of my own home, watching cartoons and going to bed? What have I done wrong?

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Have you done any reading on the benefits of marijuana? I implore you to do some research. Take those goggles off first. You know, the rose-coloured goggles you wear which show the world should be perfect, just like you.

I feel that we as a nation should be more worried about pill-pushing GPs and the GMOs in our food. We have a lot more to fear than a little bit herb.

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