Cat back home after five months

Last updated 12:30 22/01/2014

SMOKEY THE CAT: Back and better than ever.

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I have had my cat since I was five years old. When I was 18 and at boarding school, I got a call from my mother saying that he had gone missing.

We live on a farm in Muriwai Beach, so we would call every night over the back paddocks for him. We sent out fliers to all the neighbours, put signs in all the local noticeboards and put a notice in the local school newsletter.

We called for him for nearly three months and had pretty much given up on the fact that he would come back.

He was 14 years old so we thought he might have ran off to pass away.

On Christmas Eve, five months after he ran away, he turned up on our doorstep and walked into the house like he had never been gone. A little skinnier than when he left, but otherwise completely healthy.

It was the best Christmas ever!

Smokey is still alive and still king of the house at 17.

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