Where is the personal responsibility?

Last updated 14:30 17/06/2014
domestic abuse

STAND UP: Human beings are the only species on earth that would stand back and watch their young being killed

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I admit I have not read the whole report on child abuse, but the bit I have read makes me think where is the personal responsibility?

It's OK to blame everyone else but not the actually perpetrator.

I do believe we could do better and it starts with overhauling the benefit system - and yes, most of these children that are beaten to death come from the welfare system so no denials there please.

We need to make the mothers more responsible for who they let into their children's' lives.

Sorry, I know that sounds harsh but I for one am sick to death of reading of dead babies and it was the mother's new boyfriend that did it.

Mothers: if you wish to be a punching bag, that is your lookout but really you owe it to your children to not put up with this.

I do believe that if you let your boyfriend beat your kids then you should be up on charges as well.

Stop hiding behind the battered women syndrome.

Human beings are the only species on earth that would stand back and watch their young being killed; most mothers in the animal kingdom would give their lives for their children.

When one receives a welfare payment, it is a payment for looking after their children.

If you choose not to do this, then let the children go to homes that will care for them.
We should not be paying people to sit at home, doing drugs, drinking - they should be all in some form of training or community work.

Yes, even new mothers should not be left alone for long periods; they need to be in society, actively participating.

I know that when my children were young there was very little of this sort of thing happening.
We had Plunket visits, we had public health nurses, and we had playgroups.

Nowadays, we have too many do-gooders sticking their nose in and it has done nobody any favours. Bring back Plunket visits to everyone.

And yes, tag those that have protection orders out on them to stop them visiting the home of those they abused and neighbours should keep an eye out for the children in your neighbourhood.

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