I'm 30kg down, with 20kg to go

Last updated 12:00 13/05/2014
After weightloss
Megan Pace
AFTER: Now I'm pumped - and aim to apply to enter the police force.

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In July last year, we attended a wedding.

I was feeling so positive about myself and thought I looked amazing but when it came time for photos to surface I was horrified.

I barely fitted in a white lawn chair, my legs were bulging out the gaps and my arms squeezed into my jacket.

I was stunned and disgusted in myself. Having had four children, including three in less than three years, I had been putting myself last for far too many times.

It was time to make a change.

By October I had had enough, so I started walking with a friend.

At 5.30am we would meet a local park and walk around in circles.

We would walk and do laps of the park for an hour and then part ways.

I remembered a running programme I had done a long time ago, the C25K (couch to 5k app available on appstores).

This running programme starts out easy but over 10 weeks it builds you up to running 25 minutes non-stop.

If you are wanting to trial running, I highly recommend this app.

My friend and I started swimming and going to a gym also, and this made huge changes to our body shapes and our self-confidence. We also started attending various Zumba classes, Zumba Toning (Slower more focused Zumba using 500gram or 1kg weights) and Zumba Core (Zumba dancing focusing on using the core muscles).

I started at 127kg, and I am now down to 97.5kg with an end goal being 70-80kg.

I naturally carry a lot of muscle so it's not healthy for me to go below that.

Getting up at 5am is now normal for me.

I miss running if I don't get my fix and Zumba also is very addictive!

My eating is based off a few simple sentences:

1. If it has a mother or grows, you can eat it.

2. If it's made in a factory, don't eat it.

3. If it's white, don't eat it.

Watching out for hidden sugars is also key; our bodies are not meant to process so much crap.

Losing weight has been a huge challenge; some days you just don't want to push yourself past that pain boundary and those are the days when you really have too.

I'm now refocused on my future goal to get into the police force. Time will tell.

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