Fighting fat: It's up to the parents

Last updated 05:00 05/06/2014
obese child
ABUSE?: There is clearly a parental responsibility when it comes to obesity education, writes Peter Marshall.

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Taxation simply fills the Government's coffers and would do sweet nothing to cure obesity.

Taxation on cigarettes is a good example. For a long time smokers complained about increased taxation ... but paid up anyway. The minority gave up in protest or by necessity because they could no longer afford their vice.

Education is the answer. That's not to say that the taxpayer should be footing the bill either, and nor should they dump it on the schools to do for us. There is clearly a parental responsibility! And it's about time we recognised that.

There are many schools who will only sell healthy snacks in their tuck shops and actively discourage the rubbish that many children are sent to school with in their lunch boxes because pre-packaged rubbish that we can buy in the supermarket is 'easy' and keeps the kids happy. That they are constantly eating high sugar, high carb rubbish is nothing short of abuse!

If the Government wants to make an impact on the nation's obesity issue they could support this kind of health initiative instead of hiding behind the PC tripe they usually dredge up.

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