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Show the ugly side of obesity

Last updated 14:30 18/06/2014
JUNK FOOD: "I tend to see lot of very large women around these days with trolleys full of cakes, biscuits, lollies and soft drinks."

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How can New Zealand stop rising obesity rates? We asked our readers to share their ideas. Basil Way says we need to be graphic on fat.

We need to start putting pictures up like we do with smokes.

Big supermarkets with big specials promote massive amounts of junk food.

I tend to see lot of very large people around these days with trolleys full of cakes, biscuits, lollies and soft drinks.

Then we have so many TV channels to sit and watch whilst we eat it all.

A campaign needs to start showing people the ugly side of obesity.

People have become very lazy.

Do you think a campaign against obesity, along the lines of graphic pictures used to stun smokers, would work? Let us know your thoughts by hitting the green button below.

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