Let's not feast on the 'white death'

Last updated 05:00 19/02/2014

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Fighting fat in New Zealand

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How can we fight obesity in New Zealand? We asked our readers for their ideas. Tracey Grace points the finger firmly at sugar.

Why do food producers feel the need to add copious amounts of sugar to their food?

Some drinks and foods I've tried taste nothing other than sugar/sweet. I prefer to be able to taste the ingredients of what I'm eating.

For example, I buy Whittakers chocolate over Cadbury as I find Cadbury far too sweet and all I can taste is sugar. With Whittakers I can acutally taste the chocolate and whatever other flavours are in there.

Sugar is supposed to be added to food to take the bitterness of the overall taste, not to take over the whole thing.

It is supposed to enhance what you're eating, not be the main star. I occassionally take sugar in my coffee, if it is too bitter, or I may enjoy a fizzy drink that is not highly sugared, such as Mac's Lemon, or Phoenix Cola.

I detest high sugar fizzy drinks.  

Let's not continue to add as much sugar as we can to products to keep the general population fat and unhealthy.

Let's not continue to support big industry and their sugar consumption.

Let's put some kind of controls on how much sugar manufacturers can put in their products.

Let's encourage New Zealanders to be more aware of what they are consuming.

Let's not feast on the 'white death'

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