'Eat in moderation' message not enough

Last updated 05:00 23/02/2014

How can we fight fat in NZ?

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Fighting fat in New Zealand

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What's your view on how we can fight fat in New Zealand? Ian Boag wonders why the Goverment cares about the drinkers and smokers, but not the obese.

Exercise is good. A piece of bread and butter is burned up in a one-hour walk, give or take a bit.

Unless the walk makes you feel like an energy drink, which will replace the energy you just burned and then some. You will have better muscle tone, but don't expect to be any thinner.

The best exercise is closing the fridge door just after you opened it without extracting anything.

Modern foods, the stuff in the middle of the supermarket, are stuffed full of sugar, salt and fat. It's done to make stuff taste good and give it a long shelf life.

Unfortunately most of the nutrition gets refined out of it on the way.

There is nothing sinister here, it's what the food companies have to do to sell product. The health of the nation is not their problem.

I get a bit grumpy about the thought that those with weight-related health problems will soon clog up the health system with heart attacks, strokes and feet that have to be amputated.  Some of it is self-inflicted, like the smokers with emphysema and lung cancer, the boozers with cirrhosis of the liver, and the drink drivers clogging up the A&E. We look after them all just the same.

Waiting (in pain) for my hip replacement I guess I should just be philosophical about those ahead of me in the queue. Heart attacks get dealt with now so my scheduled stuff can go back another month or two.

To regulate or tax food to help fight obesity seems a bit nanny state to some. Fair enough, I suppose. However, we already do it for booze and cigarettes, but that is different?

Nanny does not care if I live off a snacky diet of Maccas, NutraGrain, white "bread" and fizzy drink.

I don't pretend to have the answer to this problem - but I don't feel that any part of Government acknowledges that it exists or is looking seriously for a solution.

A diffuse "eat in moderation" message does not quite get there.

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