Taking control to lose 40kg

Last updated 10:00 12/03/2014
DROPPED IT: Lizzie Shaw before and after she lost 40kg.

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Naturally I'm thin, but a few years ago I went from 54 kgs to 85.9kgs.

That was when I finally weighed myself, but it wasn't my biggest. I think at my biggest I was about 100 kilos.

The moment I weighed myself, on February 4, 2012, was a turning point. I was absolutely horrified at how I'd doubled in size. How could I have let this happen?

Of course it was diet and a lack of exercise.

After weighing myself, I walked home, cried, then I walked back to the gym and took control.

When you're obese, you have two choices - cry about it, or do something about. I chose the latter.

I've been to the gym every day since, with the exception of one day when I had some really bad news, the day I moved back to Sydney and the first three weeks I was in Sydney before I had a gym membership here.

I decided to completely cut junk food because it's too risky. I do allow myself treats but that's more like eggs benedict. I don't touch McDonalds and I very rarely drink.

The bottom line is that diet and exercise is the only method that works. Fad diets don't.

It takes a lot of self control and discipline but I think what will happen if I don't go to the gym - it may just be one workout but that eventually becomes a lifestyle, so you're better off just going to the gym every day even when you don't feel like it.

I'm 60 kilos, and have been for the last year. I have no intention of ever gaining that weight back.

It's a lot easier to gain than it is to lose, and it's just healthier to eat healthy and maintain regular exercise.

It took six months but it was well worth it; there is no quick fix.

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