Cutting 'junk' a weight loss breakthrough

Last updated 05:00 29/04/2014
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I AM IRONMAN: Mike Buckley fought the battle of the flab, and won.

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Mike Buckley shares the secret of his 34kg body transformation. 

I used to weigh 110 kilograms on a good day, and my heaviest ever was 116kg.

I lost 20kg while training for Tauranga Half Ironman, and another 6kg training for Ironman, which I did this year.

My breakthrough was cutting out the junk.

By junk I mean grains, sugar, bread, processed rubbish etc.

Since then I've lost another 8kg.

A high fat, low-carb diet has really helped as well and I feel better than I have since I was a teen. Being fat adapted, I can now run two hours without fuelling and not bonk.

I can't wait to do Ironman again.

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