Four years on: Is a new life emerging?

'We feel like a nuisance'

Linda Harris

It's really hard to get excited about a new Christchurch when all I feel is loss still.

Four years and no repairs

Quake repairs

The constant battle with the EQC has taken its toll on our family like many others.

Struggling to make ends meet

quake damage

The earthquakes have not affected us emotionally, but financially, we have hit the wall.

New life? It's stuck in traffic

Moorhouse Ave

I was lucky in the quakes, but now constant and unpredictable road works are horrendous.

Quakes left me 'empty'


The city that I grew up in feels barren and looks like a skeleton of its former self, Matthew Ohs writes.

Loving the Christchurch life

Christchurch life

We moved to Christchurch in 2013 to find a thriving city. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Are you stuck in Sept 4, 2010?

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