From couch potato to running bean

Stop snoozing, start running

Aaron Chai got into running after being branded very unfit, and is now a marathon machine.

I'm learning to run


As a long time sitter with a figure of curves, reading Stuff Nation has inspired me to start running.

Running's all in the mind

Running shoes

Overweight and troubled by self-confidence issues I found a karate incentive to get me running.

Binge drinker to Ironwoman

 Lynzi Armstrong

I was having a cigarette when a fit, happy woman ran past, and a crazy idea came over me.

Pushing my body forward


People may think I'm weird. More than likely they just think 'stuff that'.

The reluctant runner

I was bone-wearingly, heartbreakingly depressed. And a bit fat. So I started to run.

After a decade off, I just do it


To those getting started in fitness, don't focus on results, just focus on the moment for that day.

Finding my stride

In getting lost in life, I found myself in running. That is what fuels my runs.

Addicted to running


At first he dabbled, then he tried it in secret. Now Patrick Wilson is a full-fledged runner.

Running's the best 'drug'

stuff nation

Running has become a coping mechanism for Dina Abusidou, a way to clear her mind and de-stress.

Run like you're being chased


After years of eating entire tubs of icecream something needed to move – me.

Running to catch my breath


When I have a tough day at work, I get out at lunch time, put on my favourite jams and just run.

You're never running alone


Despite being an individual sport, running can have a real feeling of camaraderie.

Running off quake jitters

jogging running

Meg Bosley took her doctor's advice and used running to ease her earthquake anxiety.

Built for comfort, not speed


It still startles me now to realise that I am a runner, Clare Wall writes.

The first step was 'jolking'


Last year I decided to make an attempt at running. These two things kept me motivated.

Running hard habit to break


Anyone who submit to daily acts of self-discipline, like running, will attest to the fact that it's magnetic.

Running a 'soul saver'

running jogger

The running buzz is better than any from cigarettes, junk food and drugs. Best of all, it's free.

The will to want to change


Only the will to want to change can get you moving, but it doesn't hurt to be pushed a bit.

From slob to smug in 5km

Running jogging jogger

I have not yet experienced the runner's high, or thigh gap, but I still hold out hope for both.

What keeps you running?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

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