I'm built for comfort, not speed

Last updated 12:00 29/01/2014
PUSHING ON: Getting into running can be a tough journey.

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I was never a runner. I'm built for comfort rather than speed.

I was quite a sporty kid but doing team sports, not athletics.

I stayed fit as an adult with sporadic aerobics, swimming and walking, but nothing regular.

I got to my late 30s and felt like I needed to sharpen up.

My friend Gail is a runner. She's enthusiastic about it but in a low-key way. She had a group of friends she ran with early in the morning and encouraged me to join in.

One day I had exhausted all my excuses and went along. I was slow and not pretty to look at, but I felt good at the end.

I decided to keep it up.

That was eight years ago and I'm still running. Sometimes I run with Gail or other friends, other times I go out at lunchtime or run home by myself.

It's not frequent but it keeps me fit.

I have one speed (slow) and occasionally the experience is hideous. Wellington's wind can be a horrible demotivator.

The best bit is chatting to my friends while we're out. I've made some wonderful friendships through early morning jogs.

I've done some 10K races and still have yet to achieve my goal of a time under one hour (best time one hour and 20 seconds, grrrrr!).

I'm enormously grateful to Gail for the gentle push and ongoing encouragement. It still startles me now to realise that I am a runner!

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