Pushing my body forward

Last updated 05:00 02/03/2014

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People may think I'm weird. They most probably feel intimidated. More than likely they just think 'stuff that'.

This is the beauty of what I do. This is how I feel on an early Sunday morning jaunt through the Manawatu.

The first frigid steps, metres turning into kilometres, breathing out of rhythm. Legs feeling heavy, the constant battle between body and mind. Let's just stop. But I push on.

All I need is one good hill. One good push uphill to switch my brain into leadership mode. Let the body go, control your breathing, the head is now the boss, keep it under control.

Feeling vulnerable. By this stage I have covered nearly 10 kilometres of uphill slog through the back hills of Palmerston North. Sometimes the wind blows so hard that it forces me to run backwards so I can actually get air into my heaving lungs.

I run the last crest and find the city laid out below. This is where mind and body gel. This is really the money shot.

Breathing syncs to heartbeat, muscles and legs are warm and alive, I even feel strong. The slog becomes pleasant and easy, kilometres are left behind.

I know it sounds corny but the buzz is out of this world. Light in the head, drenched in sweat, content and happy.

I know that the run will not always be this way. Sometimes I have to push hard and into a dark place to get to the next level. When I find that dark place I always try to tell myself this is where the money is made. This dark place is where once again the brain must take over, the body is told to keep moving forward. 

As someone once said, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, just never stop moving forward.

Moving forward in life with running is something some people will not get, they will think of you as a fitness freak. They may even laugh and call you boring, but for me the battle rages within. My mind, as sharp as ever, leads the way. Pushing my body forward.

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