Wedding photos: Taking the plunge

Last updated 05:00 04/06/2013
wedding photo

DROWN THE GOWN: Ryan and Tarryn Donaldson's wedding photo.

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When I first started trawling through magazines and online for wedding inspiration I came across a photo of a trash-the-dress shoot. I knew straight away that this is something that I would want to do but as we were getting married in Fiji I knew if I found the right photographers we could take it to a whole new level. 

Photography is my passion and for our wedding it was number one priority on my list. I explained to my husband-to-be, Ryan, that I would only wear my dress once but we would keep these photos forever... and only after he had seen the underwater photo did he truly understand my decision.

We found Warren and Katrina of Williams Photography at the wedding expo which we went to solely in search of a photographer who had the equipment and experience shooting underwater. 

They were just as excited about drowning the gown as I was, probably a bit more excited than for the actual wedding, to be honest!

The day after the wedding in Fiji the weather wasn't too great and the sea a bit rough so we were unable to go out to the sandbar to do the shoot. I was getting a bit anxious that after everything we may not be able to do the shoot.

At a last resort we would have just used the pool. On our last day in Fiji we woke up to a calmer sea with rumbling thunder and lightning. We luckily got someone to take us out to the sandbar where we got super excited at the sight of it. 

The tide was higher than it had been the entire time that we were there. The sea around the sandbar was the brightest aqua imaginable and the sky was dark and moody with such an amazing intense atmosphere from the thunder and lightning. We had the blue skies for our actual wedding day and this storm was to make for some incredible shots. It was an experience of a lifetime standing deserted on this tiny sandbar in a tropical storm.

We had so much fun under the water too where you would be unaware of what the weather was doing above our heads. We had a boat right there with lifejackets available if I needed but not once did I feel out of my depth or uncomfortable.

Warren and Katrina gave me time to catch my breath in between shots and were amazing to work with.

I can assure you our wedding photo hanging on our wall in our home will not be like everyone else's!

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