What's it like to be a renter?

Last updated 08:28 14/04/2016

TOUGH TIMES: The demand for rental properties is putting a strain on both tenants and landlords.

What's it like to be a renter?

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As home ownership gets further and further out of reach for the average Kiwi, rental life is a long-term reality for many of us. And it isn't cheap. 

The latest figures show rents are on the rise, with prices hitting a new high in Auckland of more than $500 a week! The Bay of Plenty has also seen a surge, with average rents going up $50 a week over the past year.

For some, renting can still be a great experience. You can get a great home without the responsibility and you can meet new people through flatting.

For others, it can be an expensive nightmare - that's if you can even get a house to start with.

We want to hear your rental stories. Do you like the freedom renting can give you or think it's a waste of money? What's been your best and/or worst renting experience? Maybe you're a landlord who wants people to understand the other side of the situation...

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