Wedding proposals: The surprise getaway

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YES: Minutes after proposal

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SURPRISED: Happy bride-to-be relaxing in the sun on the beach
BRIDE-TO-BE: Wendy, standing on the pier in front of the Bure.

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I wanted to propose to my girlfriend, Wendy, in the way that she deserved, and after months of preparation, the following transpired:

On July 31, 2011, Wendy and I were at my niece and nephew's birthday party.

It finished around midday and we had a barbecue to go to for the evening, so I planned for Wendy to go home to her parents' house to get changed.

Once there, I followed her to her room and told her to pack clothing, swimming gear and cameras, etc. This was where I told her that we were really going on a road trip, not to this imaginary barbecue.

Excitedly, Wendy crammed what she could into a suitcase, and we were off. As a distraction, I told her that we needed to swing by a friend's place in Mangere, however instead we arrived at a hotel by the airport.

Once we checked in, I handed Wendy tiny plastic bags for the fluids she had packed, and told her that we were not staying in the country.

Confused but excited the panic set in, and I told her not to worry, I had taken her passport earlier, and had contacted everyone whom she thought she had plans with for the week.

I also let her know that the holiday had been booked with her work, so all was good to go.

The next morning we took the shuttle to the airport where she learned at check-in that we were going to beautiful Fiji.

Once there, we took a ferry to the outer islands where we checked into Musket Cove resort.

Thinking she was already in a state of bliss, Wendy had no idea that there was more going on behind the scenes.

After settling into the room, we had a brief rest from our journey before it was dinner time.

I walked us toward the restaurant, and took a slight detour away from the seating, toward the beach. Here we walked on to the pier. Out at the end of the docks was a waitress with a bure (traditional Fijian thatched cottage) set up and a table underneath the cover of the bure, complete with lanterns and candles.

Here, at the end of the pier, at sunset, with fish just inches from our feet , I knelt on one knee and blurted whatever words came to my head, but basically asking Wendy to be my wife.

With tears, Wendy said YES! 

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