Will you marry me?...Who is this?

Last updated 05:01 15/01/2014

TEXT LOVE: Aaron Baddiley and Lou Alexandra finally tied the knot in 2004.

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We asked our readers to share the story of their grand romantic gestures. Lou Alexandra's was the opposite, but perfectly suited to her.

My fiance texted me "The Big Question" back in 2002 while I was studying for a final exam in the university library.

My reply? I texted back and said: "Who is this?"

A few seconds later my phone started ringing and Aaron was on the other end laughing. He proposed again verbally and I said yes.

Neither of us are particularly romantic and we are both very spontaneous, so this proposal was in keeping with our personality and our relationship.

This trend continued as we planned our wedding.

In 2004 we still hadn't tied the knot and there were no plans in the wings. We'd bounced around a ton of ideas of how our special day should look, but it got too hard so we took the path of least resistance and did nothing.

We were really clear we wanted our day to be about us, not about the wedding or the party. Our marriage was to be about two best friends committing their lives to each other forever, we didn't want pomp and ceremony, it's just not us.

Around Easter I thought we should just do it. So we looked at the calendar, deduced that we were both free on May 15 and we locked it in.

We rang our parents and announced we were getting married on that date and told them to keep it a secret. Our idea was to invite immediate family and one friend each, to keep things intimate and low-key.

The next day I booked the Band Rotunda at Rotorua's Government Gardens and a local restaurant for lunch - sorted!

We did want to celebrate our special day with our friends though so we found a way around that.

As our wedding day was a week after my graduation and Aaron's birthday, as well as two weeks after we moved into our first home, we sent out an invite: Come to our housewarming/graduation/birthday party.

Friends came from far and wide for this bash at our new home, only to find that we'd tied the knot earlier on in the day.

I will never forget the look on everyone's faces when I opened the door still in my wedding dress.

Our wedding day was memorable, quirky and a bit different - a bit like us I suppose.

Oh, and as for the exam? I nailed it. 

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