Grand proposals: Romantic ride of a lifetime

Last updated 05:00 18/01/2014
Del Bercich

THAT LAST PHOTO: Del Bercich never suspected that her heli-ride date would end with a proposal.

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Kyle and I would often plan dates in full and let the other person know the bare essentials: where and when to be there, what to wear and bring.

On this occasion Kyle told me to bring my camera (I do a bit of photography as a hobby), wear whatever clothes I wanted as we weren't going hiking, but to wear comfortable shoes. He told me to catch a train into town at a certain time and he'd meet me at the Wellington station.

I had no idea what we could be doing at this point but quickly figured out that we were taking a helicopter flight when we walked along the water front toward their office.

A number of my friends were surprised that I still thought nothing was up at this point in the afternoon, but this was on my pre-30 ambitions list I had written as a 10-year-old when my mum had cancer so I just thought he was helping me tick it off the list with a photography flight over the city.

Even when we landed on a small spit of land near Karori rocks I thought we were there as it is a seal spotting area.

Not until we were sitting on a log and another helicopter from the same company did a circle over us did I wonder if he was about to propose, but shortly after he said it was time to go so I thought nothing more of it.

Besides, just as we got back to the helicopter he handed my camera to the pilot for one last photo. Not cool. That camera took a lot of saving and was my baby. You don't just give my baby to a stranger. Wait, why are you getting down on one knee?

All thoughts of my camera evaporated as he said some words neither of us can remember but felt to both of us at the time to be flowing from his heart to mine. I eventually (he likes to do formal speeches when a sentence or two would suffice) had the chance to say yes.

Flying back on over the city the pilot told us through our headsets that he was glad I said yes as it was never fun to make one person walk back.

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