A proposal of epic, Disney proportions

Last updated 10:30 31/01/2014
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BEST DAY EVER: Kylie Nimmo reacts to the surprise proposal.

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In November of 2012, my husband spent months planning a proposal that would leave me speechless.

He worked with his best friends and work mates to set up a video and photo shoot for "a day in the life of". I was under the impression that we were going to have a fun day out and get some beautiful professional photos and a video of us.

Little did I know that it was all a set up to propose to me and make my biggest dream (marrying him) come true.

The day was so much fun. I could tell Mathew was stressed but I thought it was because of the weather turning bad and possibly raining.

We spent most of the time around Muriwai Beach just hanging out.

Once the photo shoot part of the day started, it started raining and Isaac and Amber the photographers told me they had to go set up one last shot, so Mathew and I waited in the car. He kept checking on me to see if I was OK and having fun (which I was).

We headed to the next location and at first I thought it was just something pretty the photo crew had put together but then I saw the blue rose and Mathew started playing a Disney love montage in a big screen set up in the woods.

My heart was in my throat the entire time. I'm a pretty emotional person and lost it pretty early on (as you can see).

I still couldn't believe it was all happening and then he got down on one knee.

I was still in shock for a week processing this elaborate proposal and it didn't feel like reality at all. I must admit I felt pretty darn special and very excited to be marrying the man of my dreams. 

We got married in May 2013 and went on honeymoon to Rarotonga, which was awesome.

We are back working now and looking forward to celebrating our one year anniversary.

Video by Perspectives Photo + Cinema.

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