America's Cup has 'had its day'

Last updated 10:30 30/06/2014
America's Cup
ONE FOR ALL: The America's Cup only includes four elite teams.

Has the America's Cup runneth over for NZ?

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Has the America's Cup runneth over for NZ?

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Sir Peter Blake showed us that we could take on the world's best and beat them by playing fair, but hard.

Last America's Cup, our New Zealand team clearly showed we had the jump on the rest of the world.

Believe what you want about what happened in the 11th hour, but we went from tasting the win to not winning.

There is also no doubt that a few years ago you never would have believed we would see these monstrous boats literally flying around at the speeds they did.

But ... and there is a but ...

I am a sailor and like many others, non-sailors included, I would like to see an international event with a lot more than four competitors sailing the same design boats, in a "may the best team win" event, free from the displays of gluttony and greed that the America's Cup has become

I think in its present form the America's Cup has had its day.

New Zealand should invite the world to a match race series in New Zealand waters, in the same-design boats, to celebrate the birth of a new international event.

I bet you would see more competitors, spectators, media coverage, goodwill, and celebration. 

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