Crime victims: I lost my teeth and confidence

Last updated 12:00 20/06/2013

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One night when I was 16 I was at a party at a friend's house when four people ran into the house and attacked myself and five others.

Some of us were beaten up and I was repeatedly hit with the head of a screwdriver and had both of my front teeth knocked out. They were later found under the bath-tub, funny because I was located in the laundry during the assault. 

Four people were later charged with assault and ordered to pay for my initial dental treatment. 

I then had repeated visits to the dentist for about two years before deciding for different reasons to leave for Australia, voiding any ACC payments for future treatments. 

At 26, I finally got the courage to get my new front teeth which cost me $10,000.  

Sometimes I blame the home invasion as a reason as to why I left New Zealand.

To this day I have trouble sleeping. When my partner is on night work I can't sleep a wink. 

I have trouble being on my own and have trouble trusting people.

I don't communicate well, shutting down before speaking up and I withdraw from social situations making it hard to make friends, something that would have never have been said for my younger 16-year-old self.  

It's something that no-one should ever have to go through.

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