Crime victims: Make criminals pay

Last updated 05:00 24/06/2013

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When I was robbed the first time, the burglar left evidence and the police caught him and he also got charged for about six other burglaries. The court decided that although he was able-bodied (apart from substance abuse issues) he should not be burdened with any reparations. Despite him stealing and selling over $800 worth of my stuff.

The second time, the offenders were caught from evidence again left at the scene. I was told they were underage, therefore I should not expect to find out who they were and I should also not expect any reparation for the $1500 worth of property stolen. I have never had insurance because $1500 was basically everything valuable I owned and it seemed pointless to add this to my already expensive car insurance.

I have no problem with the police not being able to track down a thief, it's not always easy, and I can accept this and take the hit. But when they actually catch the thief shouldn't they be forced to pay it back with penalties and interest?

They have no trouble forcing me to pay for parking tickets that have been doubled and tripled with fees as I had no idea I received them. They even have a system for taking it straight out of my wages should I feel uncooperative.

Thieves are portrayed as victims and heaven forbid they should have to pay someone back for breaking into their house and stealing their stuff.

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