Kiwi bodies: Changing my mindset changed my body

Last updated 05:00 18/11/2013
A NEW WOMAN: The new me in Rarotonga.

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Have you made a huge health change?

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I was once a large, porky, lacto-ovo vegetarian woman who was losing what self-esteem she had rapidly as my frame was ballooning. A confirmed choc-a-holic and pizza-lover I was on a slippery slope to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

I just didn't have the mindset to change - the psychology has to be in place before you can make any change.

I had actually been studying as a nutritionist but my mind had not got to the point of wanting to change.

The change came after my sister had a stomach-shrinking operation due to her obesity. I had gone in to one of my favourite clothing shops and found I needed a size 18 - I refused to buy size 18 clothes!

I made a pact with myself. I explained what I wanted to do to my husband who was thrilled and totally supportive. He joined the gym with me and we both became total vegetarian. 

I joined the gym at 87kg and 5'9". The weight did not start falling off straight away. In fact, I was about to give up as I had been going to the gym for three months and nothing was shifting. I gave up getting on the scales for a long time. Then one day, many weeks later, I was on the cross trainer and looked at the scales and decided to have a little peek.

Woohoo! It was working! I had dropped to 83kg. I was so excited - I had to contain my excitement to not make a complete idiot of myself in front of all the sweaty grunting blokes in the gym.

I then decided to take on a personal trainer. Her name was Roxy and she was fabulous - as was her tanned figure! She really pushed me. I needed someone to make me keep the pace up and she would literally boot me up the bum if I slackened off. It was hard but I was determined to have a figure as nice as hers. 

So now I am 75kg. I have six more to go to get to my ideal weight. Yes, I fall off the wagon but I get straight back on! I look at photos of myself taken four years back and cringe.

I have photos of myself on the beach in Rarotonga and when people see the photo's they go, "Wow! Is that you? You look so amazing."

My figure is still not like 23-year-old Roxy's and never will be. I am in my late 40's and have had three 10-pound babies.

Recently I had a birthday party to go to and I wanted a new outfit. I went to the clothing shop I liked and pulled the size 16 off the shelf. When I tried it on it fell off me! I asked the shop assistant to grab the size 14 for me. It too fell off! I stood there looking at myself in the mirror saying "Nah, size 12? You are kidding yourself"! I got the sales girl to get the 12 and tried it on and it was perfect!

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I stood there and just stared - I had not been that size since early high school days. I then got braver and tried on some new black pants to go with the gorgeous emerald green size 12 top. The size 12 fitted!

I left them on, paid for them, had the sales girl remove the tag, got in the car and drove to my husband's office. I swanned in to his office and said "look at the tag on these pants, Darl. They are size 12! I'm wearing size 12 not size 18!"

He was so happy for me. I was so used to wearing tents and covering myself and I wouldn't ask him "if I looked like I had lost weight yet" because I was so scared he would say no. He had mentioned a couple of times that the gym seems to be working.

I feel so much more confident and happy and to be buying size 12 clothing is just such a good thing. I have got rid of all my "tents" and have a new wardrobe (yes, it was an expensive exercise) and my husband has never once complained that I was spending money on new clothes. I love looking sexier for my husband and it does wonders for the sex life.

Our new eating regime is fabulous. We won't go back to our old ways of eating. There is huge variety and by incorporating a balance of grains, nuts, fruit, vegetables and legumes and a B12 supplement we are eating high fibre, low calorie, nutrient dense food. We feel full and yet are eating less. We don't feel the need to snack between meals. Six to eight glasses of water a day is all we drink unless there is a special occasion. We never were tea and coffee drinkers. The total vegetarian plant-based lifestyle works. It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle.

Energy in + energy out = successful weight loss without counting calories, or counting points or starving ourselves.

If you want to know more about the programme that worked for us and changed my body check out

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