Hell in a tin can: passed out passenger

Last updated 05:00 17/02/2014

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I was flying from Los Angeles to Frankfurt on Lufthansa.

I'd been given an aisle seat, which I always request as I'm very tall, and the next seat in was unoccupied.

We were just about to take off when a flight attendant came up to me and told me to move across immediately.

Then she pushed a huge, drunk, sweating man into the aisle seat and strapped him in.

He immediately passed out and stayed that way for most of the flight.

He was already overflowing into my seat, but he also started lashing out with his arms while he was passed out and caught me in the face several times.

My requests to move were met with a stony-faced "that won't be possible".

There was no apology and no acknowledgement of my discomfort.

I did manage to get out once, but getting the two people on the other side of me to move was also difficult.

Having not been able to move for most of the 11 hours, I suffered serious cramps in my legs.

All in all, a nightmare, and it put me off Lufthansa for life.

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