Flight nightmares: A stench in cattle class

Last updated 12:45 17/02/2014

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A few years ago I was on an Auckland-Sydney-Bangkok flight.

Right up until six seconds before the doors were shut, I was quietly rejoicing at having an empty seat next to me on an otherwise full flight ... until a dishevelled and weary-looking backpacker type shuffled down the aisle toward the only vacant seat.

He was a young fella of early 20s vintage. He plonked himself down and I was instantly nasally attacked by the vile stench of very unwashed body odour. OMG!

I cringed away into the farthest recess of my seat, trying not to cry out loud, and taking the minimal amount of breath into my lungs for continued survival.

After 3-1/2 hours to Sydney I begged an unseen god to please make this vile cretin depart at Sydney, but he got back on again from transit.

The next 11 hours were equal hell and torture with his stench wafting throughout our section of the plane.

Brief respite was had when at one stage 11 of the tormented passengers, myself included, were crammed into the rear section by the galley/emergency exit area breathing fresh air.

Some of the comments were hilarious as we devised ways to do away with this vile-smelling creature.

The situation was made worse at mealtime when the passenger had a tantrum because there was no vegan meal for him even though he had expressly ordered one.

He didn't quieten down until firstly, it was pointed out to him that had he made his flight three days prior he would have had his vegan dish, and secondly, I told him that he was embarrassing the passengers and crew and that he bloody well stank!

Bangkok Airport could not arrive fast enough. 

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