Flight nightmares: boozy, banged up passenger

Last updated 05:00 24/02/2014

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Flying in Canada we had to queue smartly as the flight was overprescribed.

To my utter horror I was put in the middle seat and the empty seat next to me was filled at the last moment by a man who looked like he'd been through hell.

He had entered the airport the day before and got chucked off the flight for being drunk. He fell down and hurt himself. There had been blood everywhere and they put him up in a hotel and rebooked him.

As he sat down a prevailing stink of B.O. came over and he reached to the bag between his feet - there was a bottle in the brown bag, and yes, it was booze!

He saw me looking and said "you won't report me will you or you will regret it!".

He spread himself out and kept whispering obscenities to me. Finally I called the attendant and she said there were no extra seats so they couldn't put him elsewhere.

So that was that and I will never ever fly Air Canada again.

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