Hell in a tin can: Cough, cough, cough

Last updated 12:31 05/03/2014

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Hell in a tin can: worst flight stories

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What's the worst flight you've ever been on? Grant Plimmer's flight to Bangkok gave him a major headache.

My wife and I were making our way from Glasgow to Phuket via Frankfurt and Bangkok.

The flight from Glasgow to Frankfurt was all OK, but when we got to Frankfurt there was a flight delay. What I gathered from reading between the lines was that Lufthansa was trying to combine the passengers from their separate Kuala Lumpur flight on to our Bangkok flight.

We had thought something was amiss when we were in Glasgow and they could not give us our onward flight boarding passes.

So we waited around for some time in Frankfurt with a whole lot of other agitated people. People's names were called out from time to time, asking them to go to the counter where they were told they were on the flight.

We were finally called up and were offered some money to stay overnight in Frankfurt as the plane was overbooked.

We explained that we had onward flights to Phuket with hotels and transfers already paid for, which they would have to reorganise for us. So they put us on the plane.

My wife and I were the last people, aside from one other gentleman, to be given seats. We couldn't sit together.

This was where I met the dreadful passenger beside me, on this 10-hour flight seated near the rear of economy on a very full flight.

The woman in the seat beside me coughed the whole flight, even though she was consuming lozenges, etc. There was no chance of any sleep and two days later I had a stinking heavy cold and a cough.

Our flight back to Bangkok a week later was interesting. When the plane (a somewhat older one with a rattle in one of the engines) landed it was sent straight to the maintenance area to park, where we were disembarked on to buses while maintenance people furiously poured oil from cans into one of the engines! 

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