Hell in a tin can: Baby on board me

Last updated 05:00 10/03/2014

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What's the worst flight you've ever been on? We'd love to hear about it. Francis Milton-Stott's flight nightmare included an unwanted passenger...

I had booked a window seat in the front row for an Australia to New Zealand flight weeks in advance.

I can never sleep before the red eye flights as you have to be at the airport about 3am in Melbourne.

I took a leaf out of my Dad's book and boarded, put my ear plugs in and went straight to sleep while still grounded.

The plane was delayed by an hour and then I was shaken awake by an air hostess.

A couple had sat beside me but wanted my seat. I groggily declined.

Nek minnit a baby carrier was released and put above my knees. Again, groggily, I looked over at the other side of the aisle and could see there was a baby carrier there too. They were trying to tell me to move to the other aisle seat so this last-minute couple could have three seats and a baby carrier.

I was bewildered as to why they didn't pre-book a baby carrier.

This was 10 years ago, but you know what? They left the baby in front of me - lying horizontal - and I missed all in-flight meals and drinks as I kept falling back asleep. Awful trip that one.

The only time I'd booked a seat with more legroom and was sufficiently tired.

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