Home sweet expat home

NZ doesn't know poverty

New Zealand is rich compared to many countries where poverty is a grinding reality. No choice involved.

An alien in my homeland

American flag

I grew up in the US but it wasn't until I came to New Zealand that I finally felt at home.

Endless opportunities in OZ


The cost of living is so much cheaper in Australia I don't know why we didn't move our family earlier.

Size is everything for NZ

Hyde Park

There are opportunities in the UK that New Zealand could offer too, if only it had a bigger population.

Thrills of NZ homecoming

Peter Wilton in Tuscany

I didn't suffer homesickness when I left New Zealand 43 years ago, but coming back still gives me a thrill.

'Being a migrant is not easy'

mountain glacier at milford sound

Moving abroad can be hard, but differences between New Zealand and most places are only small.

Of all the places, NZ is best

I've been lucky enough to have lived in several countries now. Here's why we call NZ home.

We've got it good, NZ

abel tasman

Beaches, bush, lack of bureaucracy and the friendliest people in the world; what's not to love about NZ?

$380 for the doctor's?

I may one day be looking up the worm-hole of a tornado, but I think I'll have to take my chances.

To stay in NZ or to go?

NZ landscape

The world has a lot to offer but after 20 years overseas I've realised the grass isn't always greener.

Trouble in my paradise

New Caledonia

I took off on my OE as soon as the ink on my arts degree dried. Now I'm afraid to come home.

I 'chose life' over NZ


If you've just returned home from an OE, and find yourself in a state of anguish - you are not alone.

NZ needs more than looks


Why did I move back to the UK from idyllic New Zealand? Well, natural beauty just isn't enough.

Hong Kong's hidden magic

Hong Kong

Exploring my wanderlust has opened my eyes to adventure, wildlife and breathtaking sights.

Avoiding the slow life in NZ



Paul Arkwright's years abroad have given him travel and culture he just can't get in New Zealand.

No room for progress in NZ

Surfers Paradise

Moving to Queensland has been a life changing experience for Janine Williamson and her family.

Can't afford to move home

bondi beach

The food is cheaper, beaches divine and jobs pay more, but Australia is still not home for this Kiwi expat.

It's every man for himself

USA flag

New Zealand's "can do" attitude is a world away from the American lifestyle of "gotta haves".

It's not all golden in Australia

Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast offers great lifestyle for living in the now, but a move to Australia may not be so good in the long run.

There's no place like home

Calgary Strap

I moved to Calgary, Canada five years ago with the intention of only a short stay to visit family.

How does NZ life compare to abroad?

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