Housing crisis: Nine steps to fixing it

Last updated 15:30 02/12/2013

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How can we get more Kiwis into homes?

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We asked readers to share what their solutions to the Kiwi housing crisis. Alex Scott had these nine suggestions.

1. Councils should make it easier for property developers to carve up land.

2. More use of standard design houses (lower cost from start to end).

3. Restrictions on covenants. Many sections have covenants that require expensive houses.

4. Smaller sections of about 500m2.

5. Encouraging corporates and businesses to operate in cities other than Auckland and help relocate staff.

6. Campaign for higher minimum incomes

7. More small apartments or terrace housing (not multi-storey ones), while making sure there are adjacent nice family-friendly green areas as part of the subdivision.

8. Simplifying the leaky home membrane requirements so they are clear and economical rather than risk managed.

9. Providing better free guidance on how to maintain your home. Banks and insurance companies should take an active interest here.

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