All Whites need Ernie Merrick

Last updated 05:00 15/12/2013
Ernie Merrick
ROSS GIBLIN/Fairfax Media
ERNIE MERRICK: Can he save football in New Zealand?

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How can we kickstart NZ football?

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We've asked what should be done to kickstart New Zealand football.

The All Whites need innovation and direction if our national team is going to improve and be contenders for World Cup qualification.

Some speculation favours a South American coach, but I disagree. How many of these guys have been successful in football in this part of the world? In truth, not many.

Having watched the comings and goings at national coach level for many years I'm now a firm believer in appointing a coach from the A League. They understand the rigours of day-to-day football in this region and have a greater insight into the personnel available.

This of course does not preclude them from keeping a watching brief over the increasing number of young hopefuls plying their trade in Europe and the USA.

I agree with the sentiment going around that the current Phoenix coach, Ernie Merrick, would be an ideal candidate. He's got the experience, undoubted ability and the initiative. I also believe he could do both jobs; the national job is not a fulltime role.

Finally, to move forward the dinosaurs at the top of NZ football need to stop kidding themselves that they are equipped to progress the game and gracefully step aside.

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