Coming out of the 'crippling' closet

Last updated 05:00 08/12/2013

YEAH, WE KNOW: Most of Natasha Kristoffersen-Tuck's friends had guessed she liked girls before she came out.

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How did you 'come out'?

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Coming out for me was not the horrible life-scarring experience I had thought it would be.

I had come out to my friends who were pretty much like "we know" so that was not the difficult part.

A few of my female friends went a bit funny with me and eventually stopped having contact with me but I saw it as their loss. I was still the same person but I was attracted to women not men.

One day my mum just asked me out of the blue if I was gay and I admitted it. It was not the harrowing experience I thought it would be as I was already out with my friends and going out to the local lesbian night in town etc.

I had even made friends with a group of girls and we would hang out, play pool and go out to Family a couple nights per week.

The hardest thing was convincing myself that it was not wrong, that people were going to judge people whether they were gay or not. Eventually I got so sick of feeling bad about myself and unable to talk about or express my feelings like everyone else.

Being in the closet was one of the most crippling and soul-destroying feelings in my life and anything had to be better than being stuck in that place.

To anyone still in the closet, as scary and horrible as it may seem coming out, the relief and freedom you feel once you do seems to overshadow any loss of friends and possibly family that may come about.

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