He laid his head in my lap, and passed away

Last updated 05:00 11/03/2014
Koosie and Phoenix Lavin did almost everything together.
K Dog the day before he died.

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From the moment Koosie arrived he was a handful. For starters he was huge, even as a puppy. As an adult dog he grew to 47kg and about 150cm standing on his back legs.

Different friends had different names for him, Koos, K Dog, No Nuts and Sausage but to me he was my best mate.

We did almost everything together, and I am lucky that we have great friends that saw my dog as a member of my family.

On the Saturday before he died, he looked like he had a stroke. He seemed to come right, only to collapse on my flatmate. That wouldn't have been too much of a big deal except he out-weighed her!

Together, Gemma and I would get up in the middle of the night to rescue him from whatever space he had put his head into, we held his back legs up with a towel so that he could go to the toilet and we held out for a miracle. I wanted the drugs to work, but he just kept getting worse.

I read once a list of things a dog owner should remember and the last one was this:

Come with me on my final journey. I know it will be difficult, but I need you by my side when the time comes for me to leave this world. Every moment down to my last breath is easier if I have you with me.

And I won't lie, it was so hard. My mum, sister and flatmate joined me, and my sister's partner helped get the wee beastie into our car. He couldn't walk at this stage.

When we arrived at the vet he started to walk around the store in circles. I thought maybe this was the miracle that we had been waiting for, but as soon as he stopped walking he would collapse. He was having trouble breathing and we all looked at each other and knew he wouldn't be coming home.

We were the last people at the vet (many thanks to Petone Vet), and we all went into the room together. They placed a blanket on the floor, and by this time we were all crying. I placed Koosie's head in my lap, took one last photo of him and I together, and then the vet asked if it was okay to put the needle in. Koosie took one last look at me, then laid his head in my lap and passed away about 30 seconds later.

I had Koosie cremated and placed his ashes on our different walks. I kept some too.

Our pets are only here for such a short time and sometimes that feels so unfair, but I like this explanation as to why that is:

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People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life. To learn to love everybody, enjoy life's little things like a day of sunshine, a walk on the beach, resting next to your best friends. Well dogs already know how to do that so they don't have to stay around as long.

I still miss my K Dog, and one day I hope to have another dog but in the meantime I will take the lessons learnt from having such a wonderful friend.

Enjoy the moment, lie in the sun when you can, seek out the company of friends and be loyal.

RIP K Dog - one day I hope we will meet again.

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