I still miss you everyday, salami thief

Last updated 11:00 14/03/2014
Janie Rose
BEST FRIEND: Janie Rose was Amy Horrobin's childhood companion.

How do you let a loved pet go?

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How do you let a loved pet go?

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Janie came to me as a small black and white bundle when I was 7 years old. My parents had just separated and she was a great companion throughout this hard time in my life.

Janie was named Janie Rose, as she had to have a middle name. She loved to chase tennis balls, rabbits, eat walnuts and share an ice cream. She hated swimming.

I told her everything and she would sit and listen, not ever judging me or questioning why. She would lick tears off my face when I cried and get excited when I was happy.

She came on camping trips with us but one of her favourite things to do was visit my grandparents' farm to chase rabbits and hunt for hedgehogs.

The road trips would never bother her. She sat happily on the floor at our feet but looked for every opportunity she could find to jump on the front seat.

Janie celebrated Christmas and birthdays and participated in dress up parties, much to her disgust.

Janie was also a bit of a doggy thief. She would roam all around our small town stealing everything from toys to food. My favourites being a stuffed monkey when she was a puppy to a brand new $60 roll of very hot cracked pepper salami when she was a bit older. I don't think she had too much of the salami as she spent more time drinking water to cool her tongue down!

As I grew older, so did she. Janie had six puppies when she was 2-and-a-half and outlived most of them.

Janie was an outside dog but as the nights got colder, Mum would give into our pleas and allow Janie to sit by the fire. Her hearing started to fade and her joints didn't allow her to run as fast but she never lost her amazing spirit and puppy personality, especially when there was food around or chocolate cake.

Janie lived to the old age of 16 years. We often wondered how this was possible as for a lot of her life she was a porky little thing who had her fair share of cake, lollies, icecream, walnuts and grapes. S

he had an amazing life right until the end when she passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Mum called me with the news, as I was 23 and was no longer living at home. I'll never forget the hurt and sadness that I wasn't there to give her a last cuddle goodbye but I'm so happy that she had led such a great life and touched so many people's hearts. I was made aware of this by the amount of people who shared their stories of her with us after her passing.

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This was two years ago and it still feels like yesterday. She left a huge hole in my heart and in my life. I think about her often. Time does help but the pain never truly goes away.

Janie is buried in the doggie cemetery at her favourite place in the world, the farm, alongside, her sister, daughters and other doggie friends.

I still miss you everyday, pup, and look forward to the day where I can see you again. Hope you're resting in paradise.

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