Drug use: It could be anybody

Last updated 05:02 18/11/2013

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How have drugs affected your life?

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On the 8th of July 2012, my life changed.

I found out that the man I love was addicted to a class A drug - methamphetamine.

Looking back there where many signs that there was something wrong; He would go out most Wednesdays to meet up with a couple of mates, and not show up back home until 3am.

There were many confrontations demanding that he would come home earlier.

He would say that he needed his time and to see his friends.

That night that everything changed, I was down stairs in the office organising his birthday present and talking on the phone to my mother.

He came down and stood in the hallway saying he didn't feel well.

I told him to go away, that I was busy and he should lie down.

Several hours past and I went up to see him and finally he told me.

My first instinct was to take him to the hospital to get him help; I was in shock, so scared, in over my head and most of all, angry.

He said that he didn't want to have to tell his parents - we all lived together - but eventually I managed to convince him to talk to his mother.

Since this day, he has had counselling and has been clean for most of the time.

I have wised up to how he acts when he is high and because he knows this and doesn't want to disappoint me, he has stayed clean.

All of this has also had a huge effect of my mental state and me.

Since that day I have become extremely un trusting of some of his friends, I panic when he is not back by a certain time or if he doesn't text me back.

This has also lead to many fights and much heartache.

Please don't touch drugs; they don't just hurt you. What about your loved ones and family?

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