Drug use: Hard to kick pot habit

Last updated 05:00 19/11/2013
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MODERATION: Like cheeseburgers, drugs are best consumed in moderation, says this marijuana smoker.

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I have read the stories this week on the use of marijuana, covering the two sides of drug use.

At the age of 13, I had my first taste of marijuana. I grew up in a good home on the North Shore; my parents did well for themselves and taught me to be a good kid.

By the time I was 16, I had been caught smoking pot at school. Much to my parents' disgust, I was suspended and was going to be kicked out.

At this stage I was smoking every day before and after school. You could say I was going off the rails and to be fair, I was.

Thanks to my parents and my English teacher, the school let me stay on the condition that I passed a drug test and could be tested at any time during school.

I stopped smoking for about six months and ended up leaving school. As soon as I left, I was back to smoking every day.

There was no real reason for it, I wasn't having a rough time or anything I just preferred being high and I guess it made me "cool".

A couple of years went by and I was working full time for a good company, but still smoking every day before during and after work.

Admittedly I was taking other drugs when going out, but at this stage I knew it was starting to affect me.

On payday I would always call in sick so I could go and hang with my friends who didn't work and blaze all day. Eventually I got fired.

I decided to study at university. I was keen to get an education and a good job but I was still smoking all the time. Things were going well for the first week or two but my classes started at 8am and for a 19-year-old stoner, that's one hell of a job.

After a couple of weeks I stopped going and was instead smoking with my mates all day.

During this whole time I knew the underlying issue was the pot, but if you met me during those days, I would have argued till my face went blue about how it wasn't addictive, I choose to do it, I could stop whenever I wanted and I truly believed that.

When I was 22, I was back working full time in an alright job but I knew I could do better and due to the drugs and some other things I had a bit of a breakdown. I knew it was time to stop.

This is when I found out the hard way that this magical non-addictive plant had its dark side.

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I know plenty of people who were like me and stopped with no issues but for me this was one of the hardest things I have done (first world problems).

I went through some crazy withdrawals; I couldn't sleep, didn't want to eat and was overall a dick to be around. I went through the withdrawals for about four weeks.

Anyway I managed to kick the everyday habit and am so much better for it. I work fulltime in a great job while studying part time.

I still have my weekly smoke and very similar to the fire fighter's submission, I look at it like having a couple of beers to chill on the weekends.

I guess what made me want to write this was I first read the story of the young mum with a heavily addicted husband and eventually her son, and the pain it caused her and her family.

From that I gathered a strong never do drugs message.

Then I read the fire fighter's story and gathered a pro marijuana message from it.

So I think the moral of my story is moderation is the key to everything.

If you eat cheeseburgers every day, you'll get fat.

It's the same with drugs, if you'll smoke pot all the time, you'll get lazy and demotivated.

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