How the big OE changed me

Living it up London style


Daunting at first, this massive city's given me one life changing experience after another.

Kiwis' mana known overseas


Being a Kiwi gives you instantaneous mana that very few other countries can get, Jordan Marsh says.

Finding your own two feet

Sagrada Familia

The reason I went on my big OE was to prove to myself I could do anything.

We gotta get out of this place


A drunken flight booking to Bangkok led to a travel habit that's been hard to break for Chris Archer.

Bitten by the travel bug


Life everywhere seems more interesting than New Zealand, Madeline Mctavish writes.

On an OE with a mission


Cathy Johnston travelled the world and made lifelong friends after joining Youth With A Mission.

Ditching uni for my OE


After eight weeks in Europe, Haylee Isaacs knew she'd caught the travel bug.

The big OE, with kids


For those who have missed their opportunity for the big OE, the dream isn't over.

My bond with NZ is stronger


My feelings for Canterbury and Otago are stronger since I've returned from my OE.

OE made me who I am today


Daran Clarke found more than just new experiences on his big OE.

The late-flying Kiwi


I'm settled, married but the travel itch is demanding to be scratched.

See the world while you can

london big ben

I urge everyone to get out of New Zealand and experience the world before someone blows it to pieces.

In search of everything

Travel Strap

Being able to witness different cultures and ways of living throughout the eastern world is my strongest pull.

Schoolgirl catches travel bug

Madeline McTavish

My next stop is Japan and it seems I've caught the travel bug.

I'd kill for a pie right now


I didn't come from much; Taumarunui, to be exact.

50 countries in eight years


I did it because I was curious to see and experience how other cultures live

OE was key to my success



London gave me life skills and confidence that I wouldn't have if I hadn't left for my OE all those years ago.

OE prevented uni burnout


'Amazing' is such an inadequate word to describe my OE experiences, Hannah Loke says.

OE dream anything but

Air France Strap

This au pair found herself working 15-hours, six days a weekend, and spent Christmas alone.

My OE is still going


The desire to travel and experience new things is burning as strong as before for Ryan Anglem.

The big OE: why do Kiwis do it?

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