How to crack the glass ceiling

Why aren’t you running?


What would make it easier for women to run for local government? Support. So how can we achieve this?

I don't see discrimination


You can’t force women to apply to be Prime Minister any more than you can force them into logging.

Do women want the big jobs?


A woman who has taken 10+ years out of her career shouldn't be able to waltz into a senior role.

Lessons from Music Month

David Shearer


We should give political parties the chance to boost the number of female candidates, writes Liz Shaw.

Choosing kids over career

work mum

I challenge any woman to find the right balance between career and family, without one suffering.

Women a 'wasted resource'

woman working

Under paying women and keeping them dependent on men is just another form of bullying.

Long way to go to get equality

Business woman

Men at the top need to make changes if we hope to address inequalities in NZ, Anne Elliot says.

Gender divide is 'cultural'

female sign

Julie Whitehouse discusses five key things that influence gender inequality in Kiwi culture.

'Women can't have it all'

Marissa Mayer

There's a lot of pressure on women to have children and a career, but something has to give.

'There is no glass ceiling'

voting booth


Women are in many of the top jobs. So why is there this insistence that everything be 50-50?