My Lotto plan: Goodies and goodness

Last updated 13:29 19/02/2014

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How would you spend a lottery win?

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What would you do if you won the biggie? Zac Lucas shares his plan for post-Lotto life.

Would I go a bit crazy with the money? Yes.

I'd have what I call 'silly money' to let loose for a bit and get the things I've always wanted to have out of my system; The quality video camera, editing computer, cappuccino machine, etc. But a flash car? No, unless it's a collector's item, I don't see the point. Cars are liabilities.

I would, however, pay for the occasional scream around the circuit in a high-performance car, at Hampton Downs. Because, I don't need to impress my neighbours by buying the hottest toy on the market.

Ten percent of the total would be a tithe, plus a few well-chosen charities would get an early Christmas present. I like the way that this Masterton family bought a new ambulance for the Wairarapa Health Board. I'd also have fun with some random acts of kindness, but anonymously.

I'd carefully stash away the majority of the winnings, mostly investment funds, but also some shares in the likes of Burger Fuel and apps development companies. As well, buy a lifestyle property which is or can be, self-sufficient. Relying on external utilities isn't so smart, given the weather changes and technological hiccups.
Travel a few times a year, would continue. Plus I'd have a nice apartment to rent out. Most family and friends are already sorted, but it might mean shouting them a get-together at some point.
Lastly, I'd make my own first feature film. A local adaptation of a well-known book, which has languished all-too-long, in the development doldrums. It's a war movie with a difference, mostly interior, WW2. Released online, VOD.
The hardest part? Not letting the cat out of the bag. I have an in-joke with family and friends that when I say "I sold a script" it's code for winning Lotto. 

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