I've just finished reading: Ripple

Last updated 05:00 12/01/2014
Tui Allen's Ripple.
BEAUTIFUL: Tui Allen's Ripple.

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Tui Allen's Ripple is a beautiful book, filled with charm and surprises.

It's a story about dolphins, but where a film like Finding Nemo is for children, Ripple is for adults and completely re-defines the world and the universe we live in, our time and space and our internal connections with them.

Why is Ripple such a beautiful book? It is the themes and the character, but it also the words, the colours, the sounds, the vocabulary of an adept writer. A writer who has seemingly lived the sea and its creatures, followed their movements and imagined wondrous things that, in this book, don't seem so far-fetched.

I found it easy to imagine being in the the ocean with the dolphins, sharks and other beautiful, humorous and dangerous creatures.

Cosmo and the male astronomers are daring, masculine astronauts.

Ripple is delightful as is the community of female dolphins. The scenes with the deep sea monster Erishkigal are truly frightening.

The world in Ripple is beautiful and it is because the creatures in Allen's ocean see the beauty in the world that we see it too.

For me, the core theme was that in the divine spark in us (or dolphins), there is beauty - a beauty that sings, makes music and reveals wonders to the world and even to the universe. There is something in the water that sings and listens to us.

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