I'll never come back to NZ

Last updated 05:01 14/04/2014

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I moved across to Australia 20 years ago and many times returned to New Zealand for work or family reasons... very much the nomad.

However, in 1998 I decided that I wanted to return and live in Christchurch permanently.

Being very well educated and with excellent work qualifications in my particular field I thought nothing of making the move across the ditch.

What a mistake that was - after spending 6 weeks going to every employment agency and applying for every job on offer I left with a heavy heart and returned to Sydney. Never have I looked back. The worst experience I had was spending over 2 hours at a Christchurch employment agency only to be told that I could probably get a temporary position cleaning rubbish from AMI Stadium after a match for $12 per hour.

I'm sorry but you can stick that where the sun don't shine. I would never again live or work in New Zealand, when I returned to Australia I had a job paying $30 per hour within the first three days of getting back and I now have an excellent position paying a lot more than that.

I will never return to NZ under any circumstances to live or work. Sorry, but there are many stories like mine and you cannot discount them all.

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