Leave the haka at home

Last updated 09:30 29/11/2013

NO RESPECT: Irish player Shane Byrne turns his back on the All Black haka at the start of a match in 2002.

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Armchair coach? Have your say Is it time to ditch the haka?

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Is it time to ditch the haka?

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The haka performed by the All Blacks ahead of test matches has come under fire recently. We asked readers, has the haka had its day? Andy Sales thinks not. 

I seriously love the haka and think it has a place with the All Blacks at the start of the game.

However, I would rather see it performed for test matches in New Zealand only. It's about defending our turf.

They should not perform it overseas as there's not enough understanding and respect for it.

I detest the crowd reactions in South Africa and find it disrespectful, same with the English. Although, in the Irish game last week the crowd seemed to respect it's place.

Do the haka at home, but not overseas, that's my humble opinion.

What do you think? In more than 200 words, tell us what the haka means to you, and to New Zealand.

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