Haka 'rudely imposed' on opponents

Last updated 15:30 29/11/2013
THE HAKA: An unfair advantage?

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Is it time to ditch the haka?

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The All Black haka has come under fire recently. So we asked our readers, has the haka had its day? Tom Marks says it should be reserved for special occasions. 

Why are the All Blacks allowed an extra opportunity to intimidate their opponents? And the opponents are made to stand there and take it? It's rubbish.

The haka's origins were as a challenge, yet if opponents challenge they are fined and lambasted in the press. Incidents like the Rugby World Cup 2011 or Norm Hewitt v Richard Cockerill should be what the haka provokes. Instead, the All Blacks and their haka are held on a pedestal. Woe betide anyone who wants to actually challenge their performance.

The recent tour of Europe showed opposition and crowds bored while the All Blacks went through this ritual, and as a fan I almost felt like cringing while the start of the game was held up to accommodate this.

Like the Kapa o pango, the haka could be reserved for special occasions. It should be about defending our fortress and reserved for home games, not rudely imposed on opponents in theirs.

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