Let teams reply to the haka

Last updated 05:00 07/12/2013
BROTHERS IN ARMS: The French team locked arms and advanced on the haka during the 2011 World Cup final.

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Is it time to ditch the haka?

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Following calls to ditch the haka, we've asked our readers to share their views on 

To me the haka represents so much. It is who we are as a nation, it is the passion and the pride we have for our sports personalities.

I think it should still be used as it has been in the last 100-odd years.

People say it is only New Zealand that do it, but if Australia had embraced their culture they could have one, too. South Africa, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa all have one, it is because the All Blacks are always at the top of the game that it becomes a talking point with the other nations.

The one point I think is rude is that it lays down a challenge, yet the IRB has jumped in and said that all nations facing it must do so, thus not actually accepting the point of the haka.

I loved what France did at the World Cup final when they locked arms and advanced on the All Blacks in a V formation. If a team decides to challenge it by walking towards the haka good on them, if they choose another method of dealing with it then it should be their choice.

If they turn their backs then again, it is their choice, but expect the All Blacks to fire up in the game about it.

To make a team stand there is unfair on that team. Give them the freedom to reply or stand up for their own response and it should make for an interesting game. Keep the haka and allow teams to represent themselves!

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