Sitting on a ticking time bomb

Last updated 12:00 26/06/2014
FORTUNATE: On 2 June 2011, my right MCA Aneurism repair procedure was done.

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The health system is beyond a joke.

In late 2010, my head was scanned and was found to have a brain aneurysm.

On discussing this with my GP, I was told "Don't worry to much about it because you could have had it all your life".

My consultation with the neurosurgeon was very informative - and scary - and the information given to me was that I would be treated as priority, and it was possible that I would get a phone call before Christmas 2010 for admission and the procedure to be done.

Then I received a letter stating that I could expect to be called within the next six months for my procedure; a life threatening problem and up to six months wait - not good enough!

I was living on a time bomb; it could rupture at any time.

I followed the neurosurgeon's instructions to the letter.

"Keep your blood pressure down, rest, no excitement, no stress, no alcohol in any form whether it be in the form of cough syrup or anything else etc."

On 2 June 2011, my right MCA Aneurism repair procedure was done.

As a follow on from this, the back up care after the surgery was a disgrace also.

Because of my age and my ethnicity, I was unable to get any assistance after surgery.

I had clips in my brain, plates in my head and no assistance with a thing.

Why waste the theatre, surgeons, and hospital staff time if there is no back up?

I realise that Christchurch was under pressure (The old earthquake excuse again... et seems the Earthquake is the blame for everything) but really?

As if the problem was not bad enough, you have the added stress of being in theatre and another earthquake occurring while you're on the table.

Fortunately, I sit here and can type this... how many others are not this fortunate?

Time this sort of thing was sorted out.

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