It's not the money for Sonny

Last updated 05:00 25/12/2013

SONNY BILL WILLIAMS: Employee of the year?

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Is Sonny Bill Williams really all that?

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Everyone is getting bent out of shape at Sonny Bill Williams following his own career path.

It seems that unlike other occupations he's not allowed to change jobs for any other reason than loyalty or he is considered a mercenary.

Professional sport is a job. You can cover it with nationalistic pride or patriotic fervour, but it's Williams' job. And like any other employee he is entitled to seek the best terms and conditions. He is allowed to change jobs to suit his lifestyle. It's up to the employers to decide if they want to hire him.

Now, there's the interesting point. Why are we having a go at Williams for changing employers? Why aren't we as critical, or even more critical, of the union and league bosses who desire his services? As employers their first and only consideration should be where this person is the best fit for this job. If the answer is yes, then they are silly not to employ him.

We all know that the All Black jersey has a heritage; the mana of the jersey isn't to be ignored. But neither is the fact that these players are playing for more than the jersey. They are playing for their livelihoods. They play the game to secure their futures.

I work in an industry where people chop and change from one employer to another all the time. No one is critical of this and we all know that it is the way of the industry. I'm sure there are a lot of industries where chopping and changing is a regular thing. Employees are always looking for the best way to secure their futures.

So, we must ask ourselves this: In our own job, if we sense an opportunity to advance our careers or enhance our skills, or even make a few more dollars, are we any different from Williams? Is the only distinction between us and him the fact that he is in the public eye?

Williams is good enough at his job to be voted the best in the world. If he is the best in the world, does it say more or less about him that he chooses to change what he does and face a new challenge rather than stay and stagnate in his current role? Let's face it, once you've been voted the best in the world, what direction have you got left to go if you stay where you are?

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